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Private/Public Partnerships

Private/Public Partnerships (PPPs) are contractual agreements between public and private sector entities, which combine their skills and assets to deliver a service or facility for the use of the general public.  PPPs can be utilized for real estate and energy transactions, and Bostonia seeks to create development teams using this structure whenever there is a shared benefit to be realized.  There are numerous benefits to utilizing this structure, which include allowing:

  • Tax exempt entities to take advantage of tax and other local benefits
  • Governments to be able to purchase power from Power Purchase or Energy Services Agreements  
  • Solve complex problems inherent in government programs through private expertise

Additionally, Bostonia and its development partners have the ability to pursue projects through unsolicited proposals that adhere to federal, state, and municipal guidelines for sole source implementation.


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225 Virginia Ave, Washington DC

225 Virginia Ave, Washington DC

Redevelopment of an existing facility into LEED Silver Class A office space. Approximately $85 million construction to permanent financing.

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