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Advisory - Overview

Bostonia provides financial advisory and consultant services to both the public and private sectors. These services include:  

  • Capital market advisory
  • Pricing consultancy
  • Structuring, quantitative analysis, and evaluation of refinancing options

Bostonia has served as financial advisor to several agencies of the U.S. government, including the General Services Administration. Typically, these engagements consist of a comprehensive analysis of the selected contractor’s proposed finance plan including examining the feasibility and overall efficiency of the plan, and providing market data relative to the finance costs to the U.S. government.

Notably, Bostonia also serves as advisor and consultant to the private sector by providing current market data as well as the structuring and analysis of financing options. As an alternative to traditional finance options, the firm also analyzes capital market execution. Furthermore, Bostonia assists its clients with all facets of the implementation of the desired finance plan including working with legal counsel and the client on the proper finance documentation.

Service Provided By:

Bostonia Partners & Bostonia Global Securites

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