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Bostonia Partners LLC (BP)  has achieved a prominent position in the capital markets as a structuring and securitization specialist within several markets, including energy and real estate.  BP originates and structures unique and complex transactions including credit tenant and GSA leases, energy efficiency/renewable energy project financings, and public/private partnerships. Combining its independent financial advisory services with decades of transaction experience, Bostonia delivers capital at the lowest and most efficient cost. The firm has completed various types of financings in several vertical markets including the commercial, municipal, and federal government sectors. Bostonia has a proven track record of accessing various types of capital including strategic equity partners, tax equity, and debt capital through the institutional and bank markets.

Relevant Case Study
NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction, Riverdale, Maryland

NOAA Center for Weather and Climate Prediction, Riverdale, Maryland

$71,525,305 financing, purchase of First Mortgage note out of bankruptcy and GSA Credit Tenant Lease transaction.

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