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Bostonia Global Securities LLC (BGS) is a FINRA registered broker/dealer, a member of the MSRB, and the placement agent for all debt deals originated by Bostonia Partners; the investment banking arm of Bostonia. Focused on structured finance, the firm primarily works in the privately placed fixed income market. With sector strength in corporate credit, commercial real estate and energy , the firm has long standing working relationships with privately and publicly traded companies, various departments of the federal government, contractors, developers, and financial sponsors who look to Bostonia for capital access. BGS’s buy side clients include insurance companies, investment advisory firms, pension funds, private equity debt funds, banks and hedge funds.

Securities Sales and Trading

Bostonia specializes in the private placement of highly structured securities. These placements are time and work intensive in regards to negotiation of terms and conditions, price discovery and settlement. As a licensed broker-dealer, BGS has the depth of knowledge and in-house expertise to clear and settle pure private placements. For 144A/DTC-registered securities, the firm has correspondent clearing agreements that promote seamless trade executions. In both securities arenas, BGS has established relationships with the most highly reputable escrow agents and law firms to insure transaction integrity and transparency. Additionally, BGS has public bond execution capability.

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QuikTrip Corp.

Size: 38.3mm,12 Stores, 20 yr/12.3 Full Am

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